Hands Free Bracelet Clutch - Medium - Black Pewter Lizard Print with Black Ring

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Arza design Hands-Free bracelet bag group is designed to be handheld or carried under your arm. No straps! No handles!

The innovation of the ArzaDesign collection is the patented Hands-Free clutch bag that you can wear three different ways.  Wear it as a clutch under your arm, as a bracelet on your wrist when you need to use both hands, or hold it  in your hand from the patented cut out bracelet handle, and never again worry about losing your clutch.

The hands free bracelet bag series conveniently comes in 3 sizes and shapes: Square, Rectangle and Wallet

Hands-Free Rectangle Clutch (Medium)

Size: 6" x 13" 

Available in: Pewter Print, Embossed Olive, Black Sparkle, Matte Black/Gold, Matte Black/Pearl, Art Deco Print, Silver Pattern, Embossed Blue, Embossed Brown, Cheetah, Distressed Espresso, Embossed Black, Graphite, Leopard, Python, Red, Stingray, Whiskey/Copper, Whiskey/Gold

All bags are made from 100% repurposed Italian Leather 

All bags are made at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, NY